Here´s the knives that didn´t find a new home at the Bladeshow in Atlanta;

If your interested in any of these feel free to mail me for more info. at;

VoxBishop in hollow v-grind with OD G11 scales, titanium pins and tubes… Kydex sheath with teklok.

SOLD, thank you 🙂

Blue, Pink and Green VoxUrbles… These have chiselgrinded blade and are in thin stock. G10 scales with thick fiber liners, titanium pins and tubes. Kydex sheath with teklok.

BLUE GONE!! Thank you.

PINK GONE!! Thank you.

OD GONE!!, Thank you.

One-of VoxPersian integral fighter in damasteel. This baby is made from a single custom pice of stainless powder Damasteel. Comes with a leather sheath.